Φορέας Κατάρτισης Διαμεσολαβητών


τους Διαμεσολαβητές του αύριο"


Η πρόεδρος και Leader Trainer του ADR Hellenic Training Hub, Εύη Αυλογιάρη, μίλησε στα Ηνωμένα Έθνη για το πράσινο και ψηφιακό μέλλον και τις ευκαιρίες και προκλήσεις των γυναικών στη δημόσια ζωή και στον εργασιακό χώρο

“As honorary consul of Estonia in Northern Greece, and representative of FICAC ( Women in Diplomacy Committee ). It was a great experience to participate in the United Nations , CSW67 side event “Towards a green and digital future: Opportunities and challenges for women and girls in public life and the workplace” . The event was hosted by the kingdom of Netherlands and the Republic of Estonia, and Co-organised by the PACE committee on Equality and Non- Discrimination.
Ms Hanna Vseviov, Deputy Minister , Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia, was one of the speakers!”

“Very proud to participate in the United Nations CSW-67 session of the general assembly of the United Nations on the theme of technology AI and innovation and their effects on women rights and gender equality. I am proud to represent the Women in Diplomacy committee of the World Federation of Consul (FICAC) on this most important subject. May this participation contribute towards furthering equality with diversity!”

Evi Avlogiari | President of ADR Hellenic Training Hub