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Become a Certified Mediator’s Trainer – Train the Trainers Online Program by ADR Hellenic Center



Leader Trainer – Evi Avlogiari


Online 40 hours “Training of trainers course” and “post training assessment”. You will become a trained and Certified Mediator’s trainer and you will be ready to deliver civil and commercial Mediation Training!


*ADR Hellenic Center is also looking for future perspective trainers/partners abroad*


The AIM of the course

To assist participants in developing skills for delivering mediator skills training



By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Create an agenda of 40-hour basic mediation training and understand the content of a mediator’s training.
  • Introduction to the stages of mediation again (basic content of the training).
  • Recognize the needs of adult learners.
  • How to facilitate effectively.
  • Distinguish the skills and approaches of presenting and facilitating.
  • Introduce themselves to a learning group with confidence.
  • Present a topic so as to engage an audience and convey information and ideas.
  • Explain an exercise method so as to achieve its purpose.
  • Facilitate discussion and learning using arange of intervention styles.
  • Understand and apply techniques for providing coaching and feedback to learners.
  • How to manage a course, including time management and group dynamics.
  • Leader Trainer and cooperation with other trainers.
  • Designroleplay.
  • Leading of role play.
  • Practiceusing a competency framework to assess mediator competence.

The coursewill be conducted in private groups (3-6 participants, in Greek). The date and time of the course can be adjusted according to the needs of the participants.

After this training you should be ready and able to deliver a mediation training program to students who are new to the field.

This training program will be concluded by a post-training assessment. Trainees who participated in this entire course will be a trained trainer. Trainees who additionally participate in and pass the post training assessment will receive a certificate of accomplishment from ADR Hellenic (assessed and accredited trainer).

Following this training, trainers should observe experienced trainers before delivering their first training. During their first training, new trainers should be mentored and should receive feedback and on-going support.


ADR Hellenic Center also offers both, International Mediation Institute Certified Mediator Training Program (CMTP by IMI) and Qualifying Assessment Program(QAPby IMI).

  1. ADR Hellenic Center offers online Mediator training program that is recognized as an International Mediation Institute Certified Mediator Training Program (CMTP by IMI).

Individuals who successfully complete ADR HELLENIC training program will be recognized as IMI Qualified Mediators!


  1. ADR Hellenic Center offers Qualifying Assessment Program(QAPby IMI) in different languages after agreement between the ADR Hellenic Center and the candidate.
    Those who take part in the ADR Hellenic Center’s Qualifying Assessment Program and successfully become qualified and then IMI Certified will form part of a worldwide community of experienced mediators whose Profiles are freely searchable by users through the IMI open search engine.


  1. ADR Hellenic Center also supports the Young Mediators Initiative (YMI), which was established under the umbrella of IMI, with the aim of encouraging, connecting and assisting young mediators worldwide.


How to Apply

You can apply by sending your CV, along with a cover letter (250 words max.), to info@adrhellenic.com with “Application for Train the Trainers online program” as the subject line and call +302310538919

FEES including assessment: 3.000,00 euros

IMI is the only organization in the world to cultivate global, professional standards  a)  for Certified Mediator Training programs  (CMTP by IMI) and b)Qualifying Assessment Program(QAP by IMI)for experienced mediators, advocates and others involved in the field of ADR.